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Shotwell Company uses only the best Capital Equipment and Check Tools.  Over the years we have also developed Line Inspection Procedures that have ensured that our customers get the metalwork results they demand, every time.  We take the time necessary to ensure that each step of the process of checked before moving on.  We track each job electronically by Bar Coding.  We know the location of your parts and their status' immediately.  Because of this "real-time" capability, we can schedule and track your your orders in almost "exact time".


Powerful E2 Job Software provides us with real-time status for your jobs.  We can schedule more efficiently and quote out new jobs more accurately.  The software is integrated with our factory floor work stations with the use of Bar Code Readers at each station.

In addition to these benefits, the software also tracks any quality flags for each part number and integrates the flags with prints and specifications into the job traveler.  This gives our workers a clear understanding of what they have to do.

FabriVISION "Part to Print" Scanning Equipment, is used to ensure that your metalwork is meeting precision tolerance targets.  This equipment matches CNC prints to a First Article Inspection part sample, and can be used to check completed parts at different count intervals during a job run. 


Shotwell also uses a wide variety of Dimensional Gauges and other Measuring Tools at each station.  This "proves-out" that every step of the your parts process is done accurately, before the parts proceed to the next station.

Cross-Training ensures that each employee is well-rounded in knowledge and procedures of each station within our plant.  It provides awareness and increased job aptitude.  Each employee at Shotwell has a sense of ownership, and wants to make sure your parts are done right.

Quality Checklists outlining job specific procedures accompany your parts with a Job Traveler through each work station.  This is checked off as the parts are routed and then the parts are finally checked and cleared at an Integrated Quality Station - Shipping Station.  Your parts are inspected at every stop, and given a thorough inspection before they are protected and packed for shipment.


We Quality Audit all Outside Services for critical tolerances and Metal Finishing ASTM requirements.  You can be sure if you need a "Class A" finish with a specific pretreatment, with RO or DI rinse to make your spec, that's EXACTLY what you will get.  Quality programs can be made specific to your job(s)!  We have a metal coatings expert on our staff if you have questions!


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